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7, large, framed artworks hand on a dark wall in a gallery

Trust our fine art and commercial installation experts to safely and securely showcase your collection. Our team arrives on time and ready to provide professional solutions with all necessary components to complete the task. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Picture Framing

  • Installation

  • De-installation

  • Packing

  • Storage

  • Transport

  • Sculptural

  • installation

  • Plexi & Pedastal

  • Other visual display solutions

A living room with four lounge chairs, a coffee table, and many art works.  Everything is in natural tones and off-white.

For an office manager, overseeing the relocation, reconfiguration, remodeling of an office is a logistical challenge. Enlist our skilled installation team to get everything done right, on-time and on-budget. Trust us to handle every piece with the upmost care:

  • Decorative art

  • Monitors, TVs, Stereo: Mounting & AV set-up

  • Lighting fixtures 

  • Furniture assembly

  • Safe transport

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Placement Consultation

  • Certificate of Insurance

A dining room with a crystal chandelier and a long, wooden table.

Simplify your life by having our professionals assemble and install complicated art installation, household fixtures, furniture and appliances. From mounting an enormous flat screen TV to a delicate toilet paper holder, every task is executed efficiently by our skilled team.  We are happy to help with everything you might need:

  • Art, sculpture installation

  • Mounting TV, speakers, mirrors, artwork

  • AV set-up and connection

  • Cabinet assembly and securement

  • Child proofing 

  • Towel rack, toilet paper roll

  • Shelving

  • Door & cabinet bumpers

A living room with an antique, gold-gilded mirror hanging above a fireplace mantle.  On another wall, a telivision is mounted on a wall of inset shelves.

From high-end luxury properties to thousand-room budget accommodations, we are able to handle all aspects of installations for the hospitality industry. We have the knowledge and experience to coordinate any project with speed and economy for:

  • Lobby, common areas

  • Decorative Artwork

  • Monitor Mounting

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • Picture Framing

  • Furniture Assembly

  • Transport

  • Installation of Accessories

Four paintings of women hand on a white brick wall.

We offer all of the services you will need for your art fair or trade show exhibition: from packing to installation. Our logistics team will ensure that your trade show components and equipment arrive safe and on-time. Experienced and caring, we promise a seamless process from set-up to dismantling.

  • Secure art work installation

  • Furniture assembly

  • Graphics and signage

  • Lighting

  • Monitor and AV set-up

  • Placement consultation

  • Transport

  • Packing

  • Storage

A baby is trying to get into kitchen cabinets.

Each year, children are injured by hazards in and around the home. Risk of injury can be reduced or prevented by using child-safety devices. However, to be effective, they must be properly installed. Look to our experts to advise the best solution from a wide range of safety devices:

  • Safety Latches and Locks

  • Anchors to Avoid Furniture and Appliance Tip-Overs.

  • Safety GatesCorner

  • Edge Bumpers

  • Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates 

  • Cordless Window Coverings

* Integrity of childproofing devices are dependent on product manufacturer.

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