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Our staff is well-versed with all aspects of professional fine art handling. You can trust all of your precious pieces and belongings will be given the white glove care it deserves. We are fully insured and have great relationships with artists, galleries, collectors, designers, showrooms, real estate agencies, shippers, and frame shops. We are the guardians of your fine art.


As artists, we are ready to assist with curatorial decisions and create custom solutions for every type of display needs. Our team is skilled in traditional and modern mounting methods and techniques. What sets us apart is our awareness of how elegance and sophistication are often conveyed through small gestures, found in the juxtaposition of styles and influences. We 

  • Suite of smalls: asymmetrical salon-style ensemble or a balanced grid of frames

  • New  acquisition of sculpture, painting, or otherwise. We collaborate in rearranging your collection so as to best integrate the new presence. 

  • Lighting, conservation/conditioning, packing and storing

  • Assess and suggest practical improvements that will make your space more attractive. 

  • Create a dialogue between your pieces, the subtle connections and nuances, the interplay of art, architecture, furniture & design elements

We promise to make the process easy and simple for you.

What would you like help with? Let us know and we will create the ultimate custom solution! 

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Image by Layton Diament
Benjamin Milch

I am a passionate artist myself, and truly care about visually enhancing our spaces. It's personal- I will give all my attention to creating the ultimate solution for you!


Operations Manager

Though management, I am also the hands on, do it all to make sure your valuables are safe and secure. 

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